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Milesight AM307
A compact indoor environment monitoring sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 concentration.
265.00 € 265.0 EUR
Milesight EM320-TH
Compact and powerful LoRaWAN® temperature & humidity sensor.
57.00 € 57.0 EUR
Milesight WS302
A sound sensor with an integrated microphone
63.00 € 63.0 EUR
Dragino LDDS-20
LoRaWAN® Ultrasonic liquid level sensor
79.00 € 79.0 EUR
Milesight EM310-TILT-868M
Tilt sensor for angle measurement and asset movement detection.
89.00 € 89.0 EUR
Digital Matter - Yabby Edge
The ultimate indoor/outdoor asset tracker with long-lasting battery life.
65.00 € 65.0 EUR
Milesight WS303
Mini water leak detection sensor that detects the presence of leaks and raises alarms locally and remotely.
54.00 € 54.0 EUR
Milesight WS523 - Smart Plug
Smart plug for monitoring and controlling electrical devices.
76.00 € 76.0 EUR
Sensative strip presence
Ultra-thin LoRaWAN® sensor for desk occupancy detection.
64.00 € 64.0 EUR
Netvox R718N37 3-phase current sensor
A 3-phase current sensor available with various ampere clamps.
169.00 € 169.0 EUR
Milesight EM310-UDL
Ultrasonic distance and/or fill level sensor.
99.00 € 99.0 EUR
Teltonika FMC920
Very popular compact 4G LTE Cat 1 GNSS tracker
59.00 € 59.0 EUR
Digital Matter - Barra 4G
Affordable, battery-operated asset tracker with GNSS, Wi-Fi AP MAC address scanning for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for LTE-M/NB-IoT networks. Note: Only works in conjunction with the DM Location engine. (Edge 4G Only)
79.00 € 79.0 EUR
Milesight AM103
The AM103 is a compact CO2, temperature, and humidity sensor with an E-ink display
184.00 € 184.0 EUR
Teltonika RUT241
Industrial cellular router, equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and two Ethernet ports
145.00 € 145.0 EUR
Dragino LDS03A
Powerful door Sensor for Both indoor and outdoor use
54.50 € 54.5 EUR
Milesight UG65
A powerful 8-channel LoRaWAN® gateway supporting up to 2000 sensors (LTE optional)
332.00 € 332.0 EUR
Milesight UC300
Industrial IoT Controller & Monitoring
127.00 € 127.0 EUR
Dragino S31-LB
Robust industrial temperature and humidity LoRaWAN® sensor.
64.00 € 64.0 EUR
Dragino N95S31B
Indoor / outdoor NB-IoT temperature and humidity Sensor
79.00 € 79.0 EUR